Lisa is a massive believer in the law of attraction, vibrational guidance and the law of Attraction. This isn’t ‘new age’ mumbo-jumbo. The law of Attraction is a precise science, just as Newton’s universal law of Gravity exists, so do other laws. There is the law of Attraction, the law of Karma, the law of Reflection, the law of Vibration – there are lots of laws. And whether or not you ‘believe’ in them or not, is actually irrelevant. Just like the law of Gravity – it will apply anyway! You have the power to change everything. It’s all a matter of choice. You have been led to this page for a reason. If this is something that you want to learn more about – check out Lisa’s work:

Cosmic Ordering with Vision Boards – has a book, audiobook, e-course.


Lisa’s Vision Board

… Some pictures that Lisa has manifested straight from the board…