Are you interested in growing your hair ? Then you’ve come to the right place!

This site is for the UK person (or NON-US citizen) who wants to get their hands on these products quickly, simply, directly, easily.

lisa-b4-and-after-for-fbWhat are the products? The product portfolio consists of 6 main items:

  1. BeauTeaFul Tea – a hair detox tea – drink for the first 2 weeks
  2. PretTea – a tea which encourages hair growth from the inside out – made from natural ingredients and herbs
  3. The Grolixir – scalp treatment to encourage edges and weak hairlines to regrow
  4. Vitagrow – is a vitamin supplement which provides the proprietary nutrients essential for the body. It infuses herbal blend such as Silica and amino acids like L-Cysteine, MSM and Biotin all necessary for the body to reach its optimal growing potential.
  5. Grow on the Go – a pretty pink supplement drink with 500mcg of biotin and over 1500mg of our beauty complex. You can drink your way to healthy longer stronger hair and more radiant skin.
  6. Prelixir – topical scalp treatment to help weak hairlines, best used in conjunction with Growlixir.
  7. Shake and Grow – Just released Aug 16 – new trademarked milkshake hair growth

5 products ukmyflowindustryprelixir ukmyflowindustry Shake-and-grow-product-shot

Note that results may vary, and for best results, combine two or three items at a time.

What ingredients are in the FLOW products?

Download the ingredient document here: INGREDIENTSv4 ukflow

The Hairtox contains natural ingredients such as peppermint, nettle, chamomile, ginger, milk and thistle, dandelion, psyllium husk, lemon peel, orange peel. The PretTea healthy hair tea contains burdock root, ginger root, lavender root, rosehips, licorice root,  peppermint leaves, mashmallow root, oat straw root and rosemary leaves. The Grow On The Go contains biotin, collagen type I and II, MSM, hyaluronic acid. The vitamin (vitagrow) contains L-cysteine, MSM, biotin, silicone, pantothenic acid.

What is FLOW all about?

Flow is the revolutionary new digestible hair care line which is taking the MLM Network Marketing industry by storm. The products are by FLOW Industry and its currently being shipped directly by FLOW HQ in the USA to USA addresses only. However, I am a UK distributor, and if you are interested in any of the above products, then you can get them here. From this site. To go directly to the buying page, click below. Otherwise, read on for more information.

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More information about FLOW


How does FLOW work?

FLOW is a network marketing company which means that it operates a little bit like Avon. Local ‘FLOW’ representatives place orders with the main company in the USA. A distributors role is to ‘promote, market and distribute’ the goods/products to their pool of customers, and to inform others of how they too could join the business and make a second income. It’s working from home, part time or full time – hours to suit you.

Why doesn’t FLOW just go to the shops on the high street?

The competition for shelf space in the high street is high. FLOW (and other MLM companies) share the profits of the products with its network of distributors who are helping to spread the word about the benefits of the products by word of mouth. In the past you may have recommended a film, or a great restaurant. With MLM businesses, we pay people for referrals and recommendations.

How do you join the business?

Contact your UK Distributor ID: 107433 – Lisa Newton – email: lisa@lisanewton.co.uk who can help you to join.  Contact me via facebook. You will need to use the USA website: http://uk.myflowindustry.com – and click Join Now. Contact / text / ring /whats-app me for the USA address to use. And the SSN number. See the how to join document here: how to enroll on the usa website and next steps June 16

How to order

If you don’t want to ‘join’ the business, but just want to get your hands on the products – click on SHOP. Prices are in GBP. Allow approx 7 days for delivery. We do have items in stock, but it’s been going quickly.

New Distributors

Some people have tried the products first, achieved results, and then decided to join the business. Benefits of joining the business:

  • You can grow your hair (and your bank account)
  • You get your products at a discounted rate as a direct distributor


How much is it to join?

There are various options. $99 gets you three items. $199 gets you six items. Plus, you also get a website.

joining options

You can only join by directly going to the USA website: : http://uk.myflowindustry.com – and clicking Join Now. Full instructions here: how to enroll on the usa website and next steps June 16

Team support

We’re establishing a leadership team in the UK. This product is very new. It’s only 6 months old in the USA and it’s not even officially launched here yet in the UK!! This is an opportunity to get in at the ground floor level. It’s all very new and exciting and not many people have heard about it yet – or tried the products. We have support from network leaders in the USA. We run calls and information exchanges. Do join us if you are interested in this. This is going to be a very interesting and exciting time.

Keeping Informed

We will be having webinars (online informative presentations) on the product and the business, and possibly events in London at some stage. To be kept informed about when/where these are taking place, please fill out the contact form below. Thanks.

Flow Info

Be kept informed about events, discounts, special offers etc.,