Flow Compensation Plan

There are 9 ways in which this company pays…

what co pays you

Let’s talk about the money! There are 9 ways in which this company pays you. There are various ‘levels’ of achievement which you can attain with the company e.g. Gold, Silver etc.,



  • Buy products wholesale from flow Industry, add your own mark up and sell to customers. Your mark up is your profit
  • Your customer goes on your website and purchase any product. The company ships directly to them. They pay retail price to the company and Flow pays you your retail profit that same week




When any new business owner joins your team i.e you recruit a new distributor, Flow will pay you 25% of their CV (commission value)


If they come in with $99 kit you get $25

$199 kit = $50
$499 kit = $100
$999 kit  = $200




Now this is where the money is. To qualify for powerteam bonus, you must be binary qualified (SILVER) i.e you must have one person on the left and one person on the right

In the power team bonus, you have the potential to earn up to $20,000 per week

This is how it works.

You are building 2 teams, one on the right and one on the left. Let’s say that at the end of the week, which is usually Friday, you have 10,000 points on your left and 5,000 points on your right, depending on your rank, you get 10%, 15% or 20% on the smaller side

If you are silver – 10%
If you are gold – 15%
If you are platinum – 20%

E.g based on the figure above

As a silver, you earn 10% of 5000 = $500

As a gold = $750

As a platinum = $1000

The remaining 5000 which balances on the greater side is carried over to the next week, the weaker side where you have been paid your percentage becomes zero

So try as much as possible to balance your 2 legs so you can take all your money every week.

The more points you have every week, the more percentage and the best way to maximise your earning is to hit platinum quick so you can get your 20%. That is very achievable




This is also paid weekly

On the binary, 20% must be paid out every week.

But as explained earlier if you are silver, you only get 10%, so what happens to the remaining 10%. The system searches above to see your sponsor, if your sponsor is gold, she gets 5%, but if she’s platinum, she gets the remaining 10%, so all the 20% is paid out. This company is generous. Some other company would sit on the remaining %

But if you are platinum, you get paid 20% anyway, so there’s no difference remaining to roll up.




The beautiful thing with Flow is that the comp plan is hybrid. It’s a combination of 2 different types of comp plan, which is superb. That is Binary pay out and Unilever pay out.

So the 5th pay out is the Unilevel bonus.

Everyone that you personally enrol into the company, every single month, you earn 5% of the total CV in their organisation. That’s mad

E.g. let’s say Nike enrols Tessy and at the end of March, the total points in Tessy’s back office is 50,000, at the end of March, Flow will pay Nike $2,500

That’s in addition to the fast Start Bonus + binary powerteam bonus + differential roll up bonus.




Here, the company pays up to 30% of the entire total points to you every single month depending on your rank. You start getting this when you get to Advisor level


Level 1 = 5%
Level 2 = 5%

Team Builder

Level 1 = 5%
Level 2 = 5%
Level 3 = 5%


Level 1 = 5%
Level 2 = 5%
Level 3 = 5%
Level 4 = 5%

National Manager

Level 1 = 5%
Level 2 = 5%
Level 3 = 5%
Level 4 = 5%
Level 5 = 5%

Diamond Leader
Diamond Global Leader

Level 1 = 5%
Level 2 = 5%
Level 3 = 5%
Level 4 = 5%
Level 5 = 5%
Level 6 = 5%

[20/03 9:42 pm] I am a Treasure. Yes I am: Illustration

Let’s assume you are now Manager

Level 1 = 5% – 10 people
Level 2 = 5% – 100 people
Level 3 = 5% – 500 people
Level 4 = 5% – 1000 ppl

Each person from level 1 to 4 is doing 75 points each.

Level 1 = 750
Level 2 = 7500
Level 3 = 37,500
Level 4 = 75,000


In that month, you will earn 5% of each level

$37.50 + $375 + $1875 + $3,750 = $6,037.50

So with this Unilevel bonus alone, you’re getting $6,037.50






The system will look through the above Unilevel and check for the level that has the highest point. Instead of paying 5% for that level, the company will double it.

E.g example above

Your highest point is level 4 which is 75,000 points

You get 10% (double)

= $7,500 in addition to the Unilevel bonus above




When you achieve the rank of Mover, you start earning overrides of 10% up to 5 generations.

e.g. When Nike becomes a Diamond Leader, she will start earning additional 10% of every Advisor, Team Builder, Manager and Diamond Leader in her team up to 5 generations




Find 3 preferred customers or consultants who are on 75 points autoship every month and you get your own for free


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