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If you’ve landed on this page because you want more information about the Juice Plus product – you are in the right place! A lot of the foods that we’re eating today don’t contain all of the minerals and nutrients that the human body needs. For this reason, taking a supplement is essential for the promoting a healthier body. This supplement is more than ‘just another vitamin’. Scientific research is ongoing and more than 20 prestigious scientific and medical journals have published studies on Juice Plus. Read the science bit here.

Juice Plus+ adds the whole food based nutrition of 20 fruits, vegetables and grains to your diet in a convenient capsule form.

How it works (the background to JP)

A little bit about me and how I got involved with this product – personal testimony:

“I lead quite a busy life and when you are self employed, if you aren’t careful, and you can easily burn out. And once you’ve burned out, (a bit like a PC that has switched off), it can be difficult to ‘reboot’ again… I was fortunate enough to come across this Juice Plus product around May 2015. Initially I began with the red and green, but I now take all 3 capsules, twice a day and my energy levels are up to where they were when I was in my 20s. Rarely do I feel ‘tired’ or need an ‘afternoon nap’ like before. These days I am alert. I am up around 5-6am, and I sleep around midnight. I’m able to work on my computer 16-18 hours a day and I get a lot done. Rarely do I miss any days off Juice Plus, but when I have done, I do feel a dip in energy. I’ve now replaced the chocolate bars with the nutrional bars instead which taste great. I personally prefer the red bar, to the brown bar.” Lisa Newton

Listen to Dr Phil Valentine talk about the benefits of Juice Plus

The BEST way to get this item.

I used to offer the opportunity to buy one jar or one bar from me and I would post it out. Unfortunately, the organisation JP don’t like its distributors to sell the product in this way. They prefer to handle the postage and they offer customers  payment plan to get the product – which is very convenient.

Therefore the best way to get this item, is to try it in a 4-month block, and give your body time to FEEL, SEE, EXPERIENCE the benefits of taking it. ..

Order via my Authorised Distributor page on rethink.juiceplus.com site

and they’ll provide financing for you…. They’ll send you 4 months supply – all at once, and you pay for it, over the course of 4 months. If you go for the Green and Red – you’ll receive a box of 4 jars (two of each) and its $44.50/month* for 4 months.


Veg Blend Front Fruit blend front

Alternative option

You can opt to get the three varieties – the green, the red and the purple jar. The box of six which has 2 lots of Fruit Blend, 2 Berry blend and 2 Veg.

Veg Blend Front Fruit blend front JP purple front

Which is the best Juice Plus option to choose?

It all depends on you. You may want to try the two and increase it to three, or you may just want to dive in at the higher level and take it from there. Do take a look at the website: Rethink.Juiceplus.com as there is plenty of information about the product and its benefits on there.

They are running a ‘child study’ programme which means children can get the product for free. Please contact me if you want to know more about how that works. Either email me here: lisa@lisanewton.co.uk or use the contact page on the website.

Find out more about Juiceplus:



Remember, you can cancel at any time. People stay with us because they feel the benefits, not because we tie them in! Do check out the website. There’s plenty of scientific research which backs up the claims. See: http://rethink.juiceplus.com/content/JuicePlus/en.html

Juice Plus

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