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The series of 3 maths books features Boogles the calculator who has put together these action packed workbook series – full of examples and exercises using maths and money. Maths is the type of skill that will help you throughout your life. But unfortunately, many people are bad at it – so if you start off young people now – in helping them to get to grips with their numbers – then you’ll be giving them a head start. Plus, being able to manage and understand money – is another key skill which we often forget starts with being able to read numbers. Teachers / Parents / carers: You can photocopy the sheets for class exercises / homework / extra practice. The answers can be found at the back of the book. You can play our maths game for free, online here.

Play the Boogles Maths game online: http://www.Boogles.Me.Uk

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Money Maths with Boogles. Book 1: Getting To Know Your Numbers 5 – 6 years