Save Money

As the author of ‘Make The Most of Your Money‘  there’s never been a truer saying than “A penny saved, is a penny earned!”

MONEY+TO+BURNFew people have money to burn. Yet little do they realise, that’s exactly what they’re doing when they fail to shop around to make their money stretch that little bit further. As someone with a degree in accounting, a masters in investment management and having working in bookkeeping/ accounting with hundreds of small business owners over the years, 99% of people will focus on ‘making more money’, whereas if they put their effort into just cutting back – getting more value, look at what your spending – where can you get a better deal? Then immediately, £100, £200… even £1000 extra could drop right now back into your wallet /purse. Once your expenses are under control THEN you go out there and make more money!

Failure to get your expenses under control first, just means the more you make, the more you spend. It’s pointless, wasted effort. Whereas if you control your spending first … make a saving… then you increase your income – you are going to see the difference.

Save is a website for members-only, which woganPlayis dedicated to helping people make a saving! You can save on the landline phone, internet, mobile, electric and gas.

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